Available courses

5th grade band meets twice a week.  Once as a full group (on Monday's) and one more time broken down by sections.  (Flutes/Clarinets-Tuesday, Saxophones-Wednesday, Brass-Thursday, Percussion-Friday)  This schedule is subject to change.

6th and 7th Grade Band is a new class this year due to the changes with the 8th grade location.  Normally the 6th graders would have a full year of daily band before joining a group with older students.  Although not ideal, we need to do everything possible to make this work.  The 6th graders are going to be pushed a little more than usually and the 7th graders will be reviewing a lot of material presented from last year.  Daily home practice is important for all the students.

Due to changes in the 8th grade schedule, the 8th graders are not combined with any other grade levels as in the past.  This class will change year from year as instrumentation requirements may not allow the class to perform as a unit.  Most likely these students will be combined with the Jr. High at concerts.  Next years instrumentation should allow the group to operate as 8th grade only.  This is going to be a work in progress.

High School Concert Band consists of grades 9th through 12th.  Students are expected to perform at all performances.  (Veterans Day, Pep Band, Winter Concert, Organizational, Spring Concert)